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Fortnite 2.53 Update Patch Notes (11.40.1)

The Fortnite 2.53 update patch notes (11.40.1) have now been shared by developer Epic Games. This surprise update follows yesterday’s significant content drop, which added Sidegrading to the game, along with a number of other changes. While it’s not common for Fortnite to receive multiple patches in a single week, it has been done before for priority fixes. The new Fortnite patch is finally rolling out across PCPS4, Xbox One, and Android, with iPhone and Nintendo Switch coming soon. As for what the new patch will contain, read on for the latest information.

Fortnite 2.53 Update Patch Notes (11.40.1) | Full list

Fortnite 2.53 Update Patch Notes

It’s a bit of a surprise to see the Fortnite 2.53 update patch notes (11.40.1) dropping so soon after yesterday’s update, but here we are. Clearly Epic Games is eager to roll out some changes to its blockbuster battle royale experience.

At the time of writing, the developers are sitting tight on the specifics of what the new Fortnite update implements. The details will be fully shared when both Nintendo Switch and iOS users can download and install the patch, as explained in the following official tweet:

However, the PS4 patch notes do offer a preview of what’s been tweaked in this 1.013 GB update:

Version 2.53

  • 11.40.1 Release – Stability fixes to improve Fortnite.

Yep, it’s the usual generic explanation for the new patch, so doesn’t really tell us much. At least we can feel happy that the Fortnite experience will be “improved” with added stability.

We’ll provide further information once more details are made available. Until then, get the patch downloaded and experience the latest version of Fortnite!

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