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Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Open World?

At long last, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is out now and everyone can play through Goku’s saga once more. What people want to know, however, is the answer to is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot open world? In this guide, we’ll let you in on whether DBZ Kakarot is open world or not.

Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Open World?

dragon ball z kakarot open world

The simple answer to “is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot open world?” is no. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is not an open world RPG. It’s not an open world in the same way that something like Red Dead Redemption 2 is, anyway. Rather than featuring one rather large open map, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot instead contains a good number of relatively large open areas to explore.

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This is a game with large open areas, rather than one whole map to explore. It’s open world-esque gameplay, but in chunks separated by areas of the show and timeline such as different planets. There is a hub area, however, that leads to these large open areas. This does mean that there should be loading screens when heading between different areas. Thankfully, the loading times don’t seem too lengthy upon launch.

In these open areas, you will have the chance to explore, fly, fish, fight, and complete side quests. There will be chances to expand the open areas, too, when you are either strong enough or have learned the right attack. This means that even though the game isn’t a true open world RPG, it certainly features elements of the gameplay you’d associate with the genre. There is some cool verticality to the world and flying around does give the feeling of solid exploration, too. Now get out there and save the universe.

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