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Is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Multiplayer? | Does it have co-op?

While there has been something of a trend for a few games to proudly wear the fact that they are singleplayer-only, people are still wondering is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot multiplayer? You can’t get away from multiplayer modes these days, it seems. In this guide, we’ll let you know if there is any kind of multiplayer in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot or not. Read on to discover if there is any DBZ Kakarot co-op, online, or local multiplayer.

Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Multiplayer? | Does it have co-op?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot multiplayer

To quickly answer the question, “is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot multiplayer?” No. There is currently no multiplayer of any sort in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It’s a singleplayer-only game. As an action RPG, it should come as little shock that there isn’t any kind of multiplayer offering. As a Dragon Ball Z game, however, the exclusion any kind of multiplayer mode may come as a surprise.

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Typically speaking, when people think of Dragon Ball Z games, they think of the fighting titles. Recent releases such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 spring to mind as offering both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, for example. It makes sense that plenty of you are wondering if there is any kind of multiplayer or co-op in Kakarot.

With no multiplayer or co-op to speak of, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a singleplayer-only game. This, as mentioned above, makes sense for an RPG. This is a lengthy singleplayer DBZ experience for you to get lost in, not a game to play with your friends. The combat is simplified compared to the likes of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Xenoverse 2 anyway, so PvP wouldn’t be as fun as either of those games.

Who knows, though? Perhaps multiplayer will be added into the game at some point. There’s no sign of multiplayer in the game upon its launch, but the developers could decide to add a mode or two in as DLC at some stage further down the snake road.

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