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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Max Level | What is the level cap?

Achieving the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot max level cap is arguably the ultimate goal for the most hardcore players. With the stats rising with each new level, becoming the most powerful possible version of the heroes is only doable when you hit that maximum rank. Thankfully, we’ve accelerated through the levels to reach peak power level. Here’s what you need to know about the DBZ: Kakarot max level cap.

What is the max level in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Max Level

If you’re looking to hit max level in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, then you’ve got some serious grinding ahead of you. While you might think that 100 is the max level, with the toughest bosses all being level 100, that’s actually nowhere close.

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No, level 100 is not the highest level in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Once you hit 100, you’ll continue to earn XP and level up. You’ll eventually stop earning XP once your character hits 250.

That’s right, 250 is the max level in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

If you think the grind towards 250 is a little extreme, do also remember that this is per character, so if you want to be truly all-powerful, then you’ll be needing to hit level 250 multiple times.

Of course, hitting level 250 is not necessary, as you should be able to easily beat most enemies at level 100 and above. The grind beyond is just for those who want to keep on fighting for a ridiculous length of time.

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