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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot King Yemma Quiz | All correct answers

So you’ve come up against your toughest challenge yet: the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot King Yemma quiz! And now you need all correct answers so you can progress through the game. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we have made the process extremely simple for you. All you need to do is scroll down and take a look at the complete list of all Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot quiz answers.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Quiz Answers | All the correct answers

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Quiz Answers

There are five questions that you’ll need to answer in order to pass King Yemma’s test. Simply get them all right and you’ll make the King very happy and be allowed to travel on your extremely long journey.

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Here are all of the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot quiz answers:

  • Q1 – Where was Raditz sent?
    • Hell.
  • Q2 – Who is more powerful?
    • King Yemma.
  • Q3 – Who is judged here after death?
    • Everyone.
  • Q4 – Is there a way to bring back those who have already died?
    • Yes.
  • Q? – Which question is this?
    • The 5th.

The final question results in a funny bit of dialogue between Goku and King Yemma. Don’t worry, though, if you followed our guide, all of your answers will have been correct.

After answering all five questions, Goku “passes the test” and is allowed to travel to meet King Kai. Now that the quiz is over, I suppose it’s back to the fighting!

If you manage to get King Yemma’s questions wrong, don’t fret, as you won’t receive any punishment. Even King Yemma isn’t going to stop Goku on his journey to train with King Kai!

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