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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Difficulty Options | Is there an easy mode?

If Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is too hard for you, then you may be hunting through the menus for difficulty options. Whether you want to turn on “Easy mode” for easier boss fights, or turn up the toughness with a potential “Hard mode” (you beastly warrior, you!), you’ll first need to know whether or not it’s possible. Here are the details on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot difficulty options and some tips on how to make the game easier.

Does Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot have an easy mode?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Difficulty Options

Unfortunately, for those of you struggling with the game’s difficulty, there is no Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot easy mode.

At least, this is the case at the time of writing, as it’s certainly possible that developer CyberConnect2 will add difficulty options in a future patch. If enough players voice their frustration at the game being too hard, then the developer may add an Easy mode. For now, however, it’s just the one difficulty for all players.

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While there’s no simple toggle for lowering the difficulty in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, it is possible to make fights easier by following a few rules. Follow these tips to increase your chance of winning fights:

  • Try and try again
    • Sometimes it’s a good idea to go into a fight with the aim of learning your opponent’s fight pattern, which can then be used against them when you retry.
  • Heals
    • Make sure that you register healing items for battle, as this will allow you to quickly heal and buff your character, which can turn the tide of battle.
    • Certain support characters can also restore you.
  • Avoid high-level encounters
    • Not all enemies demand a fight. Sometimes it’s best to avoid the more powerful enemies.
    • You use the “Search for Ki” function to go into a first-person view to spot an enemy’s power level.

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