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How to play as Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Although Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot puts you primarily in the shoes of the titular Kakarot (Goku, for those not in the know), you are able to play as different characters throughout the game. As such, plenty of you are wondering how to play as Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. If you’re wondering how to unlock Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, we’re here to let you know.

How to Unlock Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

how to play as Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

As stated above, you will largely be playing as Goku during your time with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. At different times during the story, however, you will be able to play as and unlock different playable characters. This includes Piccolo, everyone’s favorite Namekian anti-hero. Thankfully, unlocking Piccolo is a simple process and one that should come relatively early in the game.

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Piccolo plays a prominent role in the anime, and therefore this game. This is especially true in the early stages of Dragon Ball Z, fighting against Raditz. All you need to do to play as Piccolo is keep playing through the story until you reach Piccolo’s plot. This should come early on in the game, as Piccolo and Raditz come to blows. We don’t want to spoil too much, though, so we won’t go into any more detail than that. Essentially, you should unlock Piccolo as a playable character relatively early in DBZ :Kakarot.

Piccolo Dragon Ball Z Kakarot abilities

how to play as Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Piccolo’s starting Super Attacks are as follows:

  • Demon Flash Strike
  • Explosive Wave
  • Rapid-Fire Ki Wave

As you continue to play through the game, you should be able to unlock more Super Attacks for Piccolo and power up those you already have equipped. Surely the Special Beam Cannon is available, at least.

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