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Journey to the Savage Planet Save Deleted | Why is my save file missing?

Journey to the Savage Planet save deleted” is not something any gamer wants to be searching for. Asking “Why is my save file missing?” and wondering if your progress is lost forever is a horrible feeling, and one that us here at GameRevolution are sadly too familiar with. Read on for what you need to know about the Journey to the Savage Planet save bug.

Journey to the Savage Planet Save Deleted Bug | Can I recover my save?

Journey to the Savage Planet Save Deleted

Despite giving players three different save slots to choose from in Journey to the Savage Planet, developer Typhoon Studios doesn’t allow users to utilize all three slots for a single playthrough. There’s no ability to, for example, save on a different slot for each new level. It also prevents users from having a backup in case they encounter a game-breaking glitch.

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In Journey to the Savage Planet saving is completely taken out of the user’s hands. Instead, the game autosaves after each major event. There’s no manual save at all.

Unfortunately, if you do experience the game save deleted issue, there doesn’t yet appear to be a fix. The GameRevolution staff member’s whose save was deleted is still gone, and it looks like they will be forced to start again.

Here’s hoping a fix for this save delete bug or glitch is rolled out sooner rather than later. Alternatively (or additionally), allowing players to manually save across multiple slots would also offer some peace of mind for those worried about ruining their only save file.

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