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Is Fortnite bad for kids? | What age rating is it?

Although it has been out for an age in video game years, parents are still questioning is Fortnite bad for kids? If you’re wondering if you should give in to your little one’s demands and let them play Fortnite, we’re here to let you know if it’s age-appropriate or not. Read on to discover the Fortnite age ratings in the U.S. (ESRB age rating) and U.K. (PEGI age rating) along with advice from us whether we consider the battle royale game to be suitable or not.

What is the Fortnite age rating?

is Fortnite bad for kids

Before we head on into whether we think Fortnite is bad for kids or not, you’ll want to know the Fortnite age rating. Thankfully, we’re here to let you know both the ESRB and PEGI rating. The Fortnite age rating is as follows in the U.S. and the U.K.:

  • U.S.:
    • ESRB T for Teen (violence)
  • U.K.:
    • PEGI 12 (frequent mild violence)

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As you can see, both the ESRB and PEGI age rating for Fortnite suggests that the game isn’t age-appropriate for young children. This is a general guide, however, and as a parent, the decision is yours as to whether you let your kid play Fortnite or not.

Is Fortnite bad for kids?

is Fortnite bad for kids

As stated above, in both the U.S. and U.K., Fortnite has been given an age rating that would suggest it’s not best for young children. We feel, however, that the best way to understand how age-appropriate the game is, is to play it yourself. It’s a free download, and we’d suggest playing it or watching videos of it to garner an understanding of what happens in the game.

You are shooting other players to “eliminate” them, but there is a lack of blood present. It’s cartoonish violence, for sure, but a lot of the guns do look at least similar to the real things. Ultimately, it’s up to you, just be aware of the mild violence and microtransactions in the game (we wouldn’t recommend you save your credit card details in the game, at least).