The best Oculus Link cables for Oculus Quest

One of the Oculus Quest‘s coolest features is that you can use it as a PC headset with Oculus Link. However, finding a cable that works with Oculus Link isn’t as simple as purchasing any USB-C cord. The cable you use of Oculus Link has to meet several prerequisites, and it may not be immediately apparent which cords meet these requirements.

Below we’ll tell you what the requirements are for an Oculus Link cord. We’ll also show you what the best Oculus Link cords are on Amazon.

What cable do I need for Oculus Link?

Oculus Quest Oculus Link

The official website is somewhat vague with the requirements for an Oculus Link cable. It lists that it must be a high-quality USB 3 cable and that it can be USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A.

The official Oculus Link cable, of course, works to connect your Oculus Quest to your PC. However, this cable is expensive ($80) and is completely sold out. Oculus gives a recommendation for a third-party cable from Anker, but you don’t necessarily have to use this one.

The most important thing to note is that the cable you get must be USB-3 compatible, and it needs to be able to both charge and transfer data at the same time. There are many USB-C cables on Amazon and at other retailers that can either charge or transfer data, not both. In fact, the cord that comes with the Oculus Quest isn’t compatible with Oculus Link as it only supports USB 2.0 data rates.

The other thing to note is that most cables you find that are compatible with Oculus Link are going to be 16 ft or less. Most passive cables longer than 16 ft will have issues transmitting data to your headset, so if you need a longer cord, you’ll need to find an active cable.

You’ll also want to get a cable that has an elbow USB-C connector. Using a cable with an elbow makes it much easier to route the cable to the back of your Oculus headset and keep it out of your way. You also want to make sure the cord connects directly to your headset and PC. Don’t use USB-C to USB-A adapters as those can introduce another point of failure. Additionally, don’t plug your headset into any PCI-E USB cards or hubs. The cable should connect to your PC directly at your motherboard or GPU.

Best Oculus Link cables for Oculus Quest on Amazon

So, we’ve established you don’t need the $80 official Oculus Link cord to connect your Oculus Quest to PC. Fortunately, there are plenty of cords on Amazon that can be used.

Best USB-C to USB-C Oculus Link cable

PartyLink USB Type C Cable 16ft(5m)

PartyLink Oculus Link cable

This PartyLink USB-C to USB-C cable works great for Oculus Link. This is the cable I use in my setup, and I’ve had no issues with it. It’s a thick, durable cable, and even comes with velcro ties to route the cord to the rear of your headset.

Buy it here for $37.99

Best USB-C to USB-A Oculus Link cable

Anker Powerline USB C to USB 3.0 Cable

Anker Oculus Link Cable

If you don’t have a free USB-C port on your motherboard, you’ll want to get a cable that can plug directly into an open USB-A port. Anker is a reliable brand, and this is the cable recommended by Oculus.

Buy it here for $17.99

Best Active Oculus Link cable

Orzero Total 8M / 26Ft USB Stable Data Cable Compatible for Oculus Quest Link Steam VR, Extension Cable(5M) with Relay Amplifier Chip

Orzero Oculus Link cable

This cable from Orzero includes a relay amplifier that allows you to use up to 26 ft (8m) of cord. This is great if you have a whole-room VR setup and want to have more space to move around without dragging your PC out.

Buy it here for $43.99