Temtem Crystal Skates | Can you get the Crystal Skates back?

Temtem, the Early Access PC phenomenon that’s been affectionately dubbed a “Pokemon MMO,” has been drawing some flak from disgruntled fans recently. After acquiring the Crystal Skates Temtem item and then continuing to progress through the game, players are finding that they’ve inexplicably been removed from their inventories. This prevents properly traversing the in-game red crystal paths, which has the potential to lock you out of collecting some items and fully exploring the wonderful world of Temtem. So, is there a way to get the Temtem Crystal Skates back?

Can you get Crystal Skates back in Temtem?

Temtem Crystal Skates

Unfortunately, in the current Early Access build, you cannot get the Crystal Skates back in Temtem. The community is calling for this to be addressed, however, with multiple popular Reddit threads and memes tackling the topic, and the game’s official Twitter account (@PlayTemtem) even jokingly acknowledging the volume of reports and requests its received.

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We do at least know that the Temtem Crystal Skates won’t be taken from you until you leave the game’s second island in order to travel to the third. With this knowledge, make sure to access all of the areas on the first two islands that require the use of Crystal Skates before progressing any further through your Temtem adventure.

With the game currently being in Early Access and only on PC — the full version is planned to release for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One as well — it’s likely that this is an oversight or an error that will be fixed in a later update. Temtem developer Crema has been very proactive about listening to and acting upon community feedback so far, frequently patching the game and righting wrongs such as the Beached Narwhal quest glitch.

Here’s hoping that the Temtem missing Crystal Skates bug is addressed just as quickly.