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Fortnite Launch Pad | Has the Lanchpad been unvaulted?

When the Fortnite Launch Pad was vaulted (i.e. removed by Epic) back in Patch 11.0, some fans felt the game suffered from a lack of mobility as a result and weren’t too happy about that. After campaigning for it to return instead of being confined to Creative mode, is it possible that the latest update has brought the Fortnite Launchpad back to Battle Royale?

Is the Fortnite Launch Pad back in Battle Royale?

Fortnite Launch Pad

As of Version 11.50, the Fortnite Launch Pad is making its triumphant return to the game’s insanely popular Battle Royale mode. As previously mentioned, a lot of players weren’t happy with the buildable trap’s initial removal from the mode and have been seeking its return ever since.

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Now that it’s finally happened, the Launch Pad should help to make Fortnite a much more mobile, fast-moving, and vertical game. It seemingly returns in its original form, being placeable on the ground and useable an infinite number of times thereafter. It can’t be picked back up and redeployed, so be sure to place it just right the first time around. It can, however, be destroyed by enemy fire, so be sure to also place it somewhere secure.

Epic previously tinkered with the Launch Pad’s mechanics, briefly making it so that players’ gliders were automatically deployed when using the primary launch function. This was soon reverted, though the fact that Epic was altering a vaulted item presented a pretty obvious clue that the developer was at least considering bringing Launch Pads back to Fortnite.

Their reintroduction in the update was confirmed by data-miners, including Fortnite News on Twitter, as seen below.

That isn’t all that’s new, though, with fresh skins like Harley Quinn and Lovethorn being added via the patch, alongside the new Chaos Physics Engine.