Best Cheap 8K TVs

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So 4K doesn’t cut it for you, but you don’t want to spend a lot of dough for the next big thing? Well, if you’re looking for the best cheap 8K TVs, there’s not a lot available for you right now. However, we’re going to do our best to hook you up with the cheapest 8K televisions available right now, even if they still cost an arm and a leg.

Before we get into the TVs themselves, we’ll give a little background on what 8K TV is, and why you’d want to get one. We’ll also cover whether they’re worth purchasing right now at all.

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What is 8K TV?

Put simply, an 8K TV is a monitor that can display an image in 4320p, which is 7680 x 4320 using progressive scan. An 8K TV has four times the pixels of a 4K TV (3840 x 2160).

Having four times the pixels as a 4K TV means an 8K TV should, in theory, be able to present an image with four times the detail. However, since there’s very little 8K content available, its primary use right now is the upscaling of 4K video.

Why would I want an 8K TV?

Whether or not it’s even worth getting an 8K TV is a big question. After all, there’s hardly any 8K video content available.

Where 8K’s strength lies is in large televisions over the 75-inch mark. The larger a TV is, the bigger its pixels are. A 40-inch 4K TV has the same 3840 x 2160 resolution that a 100-inch model does. The bigger a TV screen gets, the more pixelated its image is going to get, because it has to fill more space with the same amount of pixels a smaller one does.

When you start getting to the 75-inch mark, even 4K content starts to get a slightly blurry, pixelated look about it. This is especially apparent when you get into supersize TVs passing 100-inches. While there may not be much 8K content right now, if you want an extra-large screen, upscaling 4K into 8K can make for a much more pleasing image.

Best Cheap 8K TVs

So, if you want to get an 8K TV, you need to be willing to spend quite a bit of money. There’s not really any “cheap” 8K models available yet. However, the TVs below are the best value you can get, even if they’re still costly items.

LG Signature OLED88Z9PUA 88″ 8K UHD OLED TV


Okay, so this TV is $30,000. Not very cheap right? Well, this is the one model that will give you the full 8K experience right now. When you’re buying an 8K TV, OLED is really the way to go, and no one does OLED like LG. This bad boy will auto-upscale any content you throw at it to 8K and is practically bezel-less.

The LG OLED88Z9PUA is a magnificent piece of technology and presents an absolutely gorgeous image in almost any circumstance. Plus, you get those beautiful, deep blacks that only OLED can do. Sure, it may cost as much as a car, but that’s what it takes to be on the bleeding edge.

This 8K TV is not cheap by any means. However, I wanted to put this model here just so you could get a picture of the sort of prices you’re looking at with 8K right now.

Buy it here for $29.996.99

Sony XBR85Z9G 85″ 8K UHD TV

Sony 8K TV

Now we’re getting a bit more reasonable. At $10,000, the Sony XBR85Z9G is still in “very good used car” territory, but it’s definitely more affordable than the LG above. Unfortunately, for $20,000 less, you don’t get OLED with the Sony. Fortunately, the Sony’s LED screen has full-array backlighting, so the blacks aren’t that sickly gray that some TVs have. However, it still doesn’t have the blacks and contrast of an OLED screen.

This TV, with its extra-wide viewing angles, would be great for a home theater room or for businesses who give larges presentations. It’s not cheap by any means, but it does have its place.

Buy it here for $9,498.00

Samsung QN82Q900RBFXZA 82″ QLED 8K TV

Samsung 8K TV

The Samsung Q900 8K TV is pretty much on par with the more expensive Sony. At $7,000, we’re starting to get into more affordable territory. It still costs more than I gave for the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer I drive, but only by a bit. However, my Lancer is pretty cherry. It’s the GTS model with the Rockford Fosgate audio, and I think the car was a better deal than this TV.

However, as far as 8K TVs go, the Q900 is midrange. It also features a full-array LED panel instead of OLED, but that’s more forgivable in this price range. If you purchase the Q900, you can look forward to full 8K upscaling, HDR, Dolby Vision, HLG, and all the smart features that are expected from a high-end TV.

Buy it here for $6,997.99

LG 75SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series 75″ 8K TV

LG Nano 9 8K TV

Now we’re talking. The LG Nano 9 can be had for around $4,500, which is about as cheap as it gets right now for a large 8K television. Sure, you can get a 65-inch for a thousand or so less, but with 8K, you should go big or go home.

The LG Nano 9 has the same a9 Gen 2 processor as the $30,000 LG OLED88Z9PUA, so you’re getting the same upscaling tech for a sixth of the price. However, once again, the Nano 9 relies on a full-array LED screen instead of OLED, so you miss out on those perfect blacks. Other than that, the LG Nano 9 is a great TV, and unless you just have to have OLED, this is the LG 8K TV to get.

Buy it here for $4,496.99

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