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The Outer Worlds Switch Cross-Save | Can you load PC saves on Nintendo Switch?

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds was widely lauded as the Fallout game we’d all been waiting for following Bethesda’s chronically underwhelming Fallout 76; even though that comparison sold the game a little short, in our opinion. Following its runaway success, the RPG is now scheduled to go portable with a Nintendo Switch launch later this year. For those that have already started the interstellar adventure elsewhere, however, is there any chance that The Outer Worlds Switch cross-save functionality could allow for the transfer of existing progress?

Is The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch cross-save?

The Outer Worlds Switch cross-save

Despite appearing on two Microsoft platforms — PC (Windows 10) and Xbox — The Outer Worlds doesn’t currently offer any form of cross-save functionality. Similarly, no plans have been announced to bring cross-save support to the Nintendo Switch version by developer Obsidian or publisher Private Division at the time of writing.

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This doesn’t necessarily guarantee that cross-save functionality won’t make its way to the new Switch version, though. The latest update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld (“The Switcher“) added the ability to share save states between the Nintendo Switch and PC versions of the game, regardless of whether it was purchased via Steam or GOG.

The relatively painless process has garnered praise from fans of The Witcher 3 on both platforms, so, with The Outer Worlds being a somewhat similar (if admittedly smaller) RPG, introducing cross-save would almost certainly go down well. Whether or not it’ll be implemented remains to be seen, though cross-save could potentially win back some favor with Switch owners that are already having to go without a physical cartridge and endure unexpected delays.

We’ll have more on The Outer Worlds Switch cross-save functionality if and when news breaks. Until then, stick with GameRevolution.