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Fortnite Shouts Emotes List | Get to the Choppa, Leeroy Jenkins, and more

It sounds like new Fortnite Shout Emotes are heading to the game if leaks from prolific dataminers are anything to go on. In this guide, we’ll let you in on what the leaked complete Fortnite Shouts Emotes list is. Read on to discover what Shout Emotes could be heading to everyone’s favorite battle royale before long. Discover what the Get to the Choppa, Leeroy Jenkins, High Ground, and more Shout Emotes are and maybe how you can get hold of them.

Fortnite Shouts Emotes List | Get to the Choppa, Leeroy Jenkins, and more

Fortnite Shouts Emotes list

As stated above, reliable Fortnite dataminers such as FortTory and Lucas7yoshi have leaked what appears to be new Shouts Emotes. As of writing, however, it’s unclear as to how one can unlock these supposedly incoming Shouts Emotes in Fortnite. All we know is that a number of them have been leaked and that you should be able to use them in-game to shout at opponents and teammates for whatever reason.

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The complete leaked Fortnite Shouts Emotes List is as follows, as per FortTory’s tweet:

  • 1v1v1v1 (1v1 four times)
  • Bow to Bugha
  • Daaaaamn
  • Get To The Choppa
  • Leroy Jenkins
  • Let’s Do This
  • Oh My Gosh
  • The Ultimate High Ground

We’ve listed the Shouts Emotes to, hopefully, give you an understanding of what they will sound like when you use or hear them. For an even clearer understanding, however, check out HYPEX’s tweet below of the complete Fortnite Shouts Emotes list in action:

While some of these are memes (Leroy Jenkins, anyone?) the Get to the Choppa Shout Emote is an interesting one. It suggests that something Predator or Arnold Schwarzennegger could be heading to Fortnite at some point. Why else would copyrighted line be in the game? It could also point to choppers being added to the game, too. We’ll have to wait and see with these Shouts Emotes, though. As always, take anything leaked with a pinch of salt.

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