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Modern Warfare Classified Countdown | What is it counting down to?

A countdown has replaced the classified tab on the Modern Warfare main menu. The 24-hour countdown began at 11 am EDT today, and when it’s finished, we can assume the mystery of the classified tab will become clear.

With today’s leaks, we can say with almost 100% confidence that the classified countdown in Modern Warfare is to mark the launch of the Warzone battle royale mode. This mode has been one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, and despite the lack of an official announcement, it’s all but been confirmed that it’ll be launching tomorrow.

A classified tab was added to the main menu of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when season two began. Players have wondered precisely what the classified tab is in Modern Warfare. Almost a month has gone by since it first appeared, and no updates have brought any functionality to the tab.

Fortunately, there’s a probable answer to the mystery of the classified tab in Modern Warfare. Read on below to find out more about Activision’s worst-kept secret.

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What is the classified tab in Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare Warzone equipment list

Although there’s been no official announcement, the classified tab on the Modern Warfare main menu is almost certainly the leaked Warzone battle royale mode. Almost immediately after season two started, data miners found the new Warzone battle royale mode in the game’s code. This new mode is the most plausible explanation of the classified tab’s purpose.

Most likely, Infinity Ward meant for the classified tab in Modern Warfare to be a teaser for the upcoming battle royale mode. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite the way the studio wanted it to. Significant leaks of art and stats have occurred, and now the fanbase is just waiting for the inevitable.

Activision isn’t taking these leaks sitting down, though. PlayStation LifeStyle reports that reputable Call of Duty leaker The Gaming Revolution (no relation) had their Twitter account suspended, and players who accidentally glitched into the Warzone mode menu have had to agree not to share any info they saw to prevent their accounts from being banned.

One thing that hasn’t leaked about the upcoming mode is its release date. We’re not sure when the classified tab in Modern Warfare will unlock into Warzone. However, it’ll likely be sometime soon. It’s doubtful Infinity Ward, and Activision would let too much time pass after they placed the tab. Otherwise, any hype about finding out its mystery would die down, and it would be forgotten.