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Doom Eternal ‘The Engine Has Crashed’ Error Fix

The last thing you want to see when booting up Doom Eternal to rip and tear demons is an error. Unfortunately, the Doom Eternal “The engine has crashed” error can pop up from time to time on PC, causing the game to become unplayable. Thankfully, this is just a temporary issue that can be fixed. Here’s how to fix the Doom Eternal “The engine has crashed” error.

How to fix the Doom Eternal “The Engine Has Crashed” error

Doom Eternal The Engine Has Crashed Error

The Doom Eternal “The engine has crashed” error is obviously a problem, as it prevents you from playing the game in any and all capacities. You can’t simply remain offline to enjoy the single-player unhindered, as the game simply won’t run. Here are some fixes to try.

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Doom Eternal “The Engine Has Crashed” error fixes

  • Reboot Doom Eternal.
    • It sounds simple, but users often forget this simple solution. Turning it off and on again can make your problems go away.
  • Lower settings.
    • If you can make it to the Settings menu without the game crashing, lower all settings to the lowest value. You can then increase the graphics quality one step at a time to identify any issues.
  • Update your graphics card drivers.
    • If you’re using an Nvidia graphics card, you can download the latest drivers here. If you’re using an AMD GPU, then you can download the new drivers here.
    • If a standard driver install doesn’t resolve the problem, we’d recommend using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) for a clean uninstall.

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