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Doom Eternal Difficulty Choice | Which is the ‘Normal’ difficulty?

Before you get to ripping and tearing in Doom Eternal, you’ll need to pick one of six different difficulties. That’s a lot of options and the game doesn’t exactly make it obvious which difficulty is the same as “Normal.” Which difficulty should beginners start with? Thankfully, we’ve been playing the game a ton and recommend the best choice here. Here’s what you need to know about Doom Eternal difficulty choice and weather “Hurt Me Plenty” equals “Normal.”

Which difficulty should I choose in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Difficulty Choice

If you’re looking for what would be the “best difficulty” in Doom Eternal and what would be the same as “Normal,” then you’ll want to pick “Hurt Me Plenty.”

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However, you shouldn’t worry about making the wrong decision when choosing a difficulty in Doom Eternal, since you have the option to switch difficulties at any time during the campaign. So, if you choose a difficulty that’s too hard, then you can lower it and make the experience easier. Alternatively, if you picked a low difficulty and are finding it too easy, then you can bump it up and make the demons tougher.

What’s more, there are no difficulty Trophies or Achievements, so you won’t mess up 100% completion by changing halfway through the campaign. You can play on “I’m Too Young To Die” and still get the Platinum/1000 GS, so don’t worry about it.

Here is the full list of difficulties and our recommendations for each:

Best Doom Eternal Difficulty

  • I’m Too Young to Die
    • This is “Easy” but not “Very Easy.” It’s still possible to die at this difficulty, so don’t underestimate those pesky demons. This is a great choice for those unfamiliar with high-intensity first-person shooters.
  • Hurt Me Plenty
    • This “Normal” difficulty is what the developers intend for those new to Doom. It eases you in with the first few levels, but then the intensity and level of challenge ramps up to keep you on your toes.
  • Ultra-Violence
    • This is the equivalent of “Hard.” First-person shooter fans will face a challenge here, but should be able to get through with enough perseverance.
  • Nightmare
    • In Nightmare mode, enemies are at their most lethal. You will need to have mastered combat in order to survive here. If you dare to attempt this mode, we’d first recommend playing through once or twice on a lower difficulty.
  • Ultra-Nightmare
    • You are not allowed to die in this mode. If you fail even once, your progress will completely reset.
  • Extra Life Mode
    • Players looking for a more classic gameplay experience may want to select this option. However, with a limited number of lives, it’s pretty tough!

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