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How to get Resident Evil 3 remake infinite ammo

If you’re finding the game a little too difficult (who could blame you?), you might be looking to know if you can get Resident Evil 3 remake infinite ammo. In this guide, we’ll let you in on how to get infinite ammo in Resident Evil 3 remake. Read on to discover how you can get infinite MUP Handgun ammo, infinite CQBR Assault Rifle ammo, and infinite Rocket Launcher ammo in the Resident Evil 3 remake.

How to get Resident Evil 3 remake infinite ammo

Resident Evil 3 remake infinite ammo

Unfortunately, you can’t get infinite ammo weapons in Resident Evil 3 remake until you have completed the game. Completing the game unlocks the Shop. In the Shop, which you can access via the main menu, you can spend points you’ve earned from completing challenges on new items and upgrades. This list of items includes Infinite weapons, or, weapons with unlimited ammo. Unfortunately, these weapons cost a lot of points, which you can see in the complete list below.

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Check out the complete list of Resident Evil 3 remake infinite ammo weapons below:

  • Infinite MUP Handgun | 8,000 Points
    • A very well balanced 16-shot 9 mm handgun. Its pinpoint accuracy has led to its adoption by countless militaries
  • Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle | 28,400 Points
    • A 5.56 x 45mm assault rifle optimized by U.B.C.S. for this operation. Its short length affords great mobility, even in urban settings
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher | 62,400 Points
    • A recoilless rocket launcher that fires 84 mm projectiles. The piercing power of the rocket causes more damage than the explosion

As you can tell, it takes a lot of Points to buy the infinite ammo weapons from the Resident Evil 3 remake Shop. Thankfully, there are many challenges to complete to earn Points. For example, the “Goodbye, Charlie!” challenge tasks you with unlocking all safes, strongboxes, and pickable locks in the game. Completing this task will bag you a cool 1,000 Points, Concept Art, and an in-game model to peruse. It’s worth completing these challenges for the extras, too.