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Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake the whole game?

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has finally released and been received incredibly well. Despite the glowing praise it has gotten, many still have one question on their minds: Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake the whole game? Does it have everything from the PS1 original?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake the whole game?

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Simply put, no, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not the whole PS1 game that came out in 1997. Square is splitting up the original game into an undetermined amount of parts over an undetermined amount of time. Since bringing the game into the current era meant adding significantly more art and voice acting, it almost had to be divided into chunks in order to make it feel like a modern experience.

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However, the game is not going to be a direct translation of that original PS1 game even when all of its parts are out. This first entry goes into more detail and fleshes out some parts of the original title that were a bit thinner back in its first release. This sort of characterization adds on to what is already there and further gives it a slightly new identity.

And while that added depth already makes it different, the game also splinters off in some other more surprising ways. It’s not worth spoiling what happens, but rest assured that this isn’t just a simple translation of an old game with some prettier visuals. The team said as much way after it was first announced. Since the Final Fantasy 7 Remake branches off from the original in some shocking ways, you can’t assume that it will even hit all the same places as the original PS1 game. And while it seems likely that it’ll have three installments, it doesn’t quite match up with all three discs of the PS1 game either since this first “episode” doesn’t stop where the first PS1 disc ends.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake feels like a full RPG so don’t think you’re getting ripped off and being squeezed to buy a few fragmented experiences instead of one complete one. While the other parts have yet to come out, think of it like The Lord of the Rings in how it feels like a full book or movie, but is still part of an epic, multi-part saga.