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Is there a Valorant mobile release date for iOS and Android?

Riot Games’ (League of Legends) all-new competitive FPS game Valorant is proving incredibly popular. Players are already chomping at the bit to learn when it might be made available on their platform of choice — be that Mac, a current-gen, or a next-gen console. What about mobile gamers, though? Can they expect to see a Valorant mobile release date for iOS and/or Android anytime soon?

In this guide, we’ll cover all of the available information on potential Valorant iOS and Valorant Android versions.

When is the Valorant mobile iOS release date?

Valorant mobile release date

Valorant developer Riot hasn’t officially announced that the multiplayer shooter will ever come to iOS. As a result of this, there’s currently no Valorant mobile release date for you to look forward to on Apple’s iOS platform.

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The current absence of an announcement doesn’t necessarily mean that Valorant won’t reach the Apple App Store at some point in the future, however. In a recent interview with Express OnlineValorant Game Director Joe Ziegler stated the following:

“While we are exploring other platforms like console and mobile, right now the team is working hard to deliver a top-notch experience on PC.”

With the team “exploring” a Valorant mobile port at this point in time, provided all goes well there’s definitely the potential for Riot to reveal a Valorant iOS release date at some stage.

When is the Valorant mobile Android release date?

Valorant mobile release date

As with the iOS version discussed above, there’s been no official confirmation regarding a Valorant Android port just yet. Understandably, that means that there’s no Valorant Android release date for us to share at the time of writing.

The Valorant developers are currently “exploring other platforms like console and mobile,” which means there’s definitely potential when it comes to a Valorant Google Play Store listing cropping up in the future.

Is Valorant coming to mobile?

  • Valorant iOS
    • Riot Games is currently “exploring” a possible Valorant iOS version.
  • Valorant Android
    • Riot Games is currently “exploring” a possible Valorant Android version.