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Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons end?

If you’ve been playing ACNH on Switch for a while now, you might be wondering: “Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons end?” Stick with this guide to learn whether there’s a defined endpoint in the debut Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch game.

Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons ever end?

Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons end?

The life of an AC: New Horizons resident is jam-packed with recurring jobs to complete, so it’s natural that many players wonder whether the process ever comes to an end. In a sense it does, as the New Horizons credits will roll once you achieve Tom Nook’s goal of attracting famous musician K.K. Slider to your island. That being said, there’s still plenty more to do after K.K. comes to town and performs his concert; Animal Crossing: New Horizons is technically endless.

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Unlike most games, where the credits indicate that you’re done, ACNH instead grants you more tools and greater customization options. Since it’s possible to customize your island to greater lengths with the Island Designer NookPhone app after the credits roll, it’s easy to spend more hours playing post-credits than you ever did before.

You most likely won’t be anywhere close to completing all of the secondary goals, either — like completing all Nook Miles challenges, filling the Critterpedia, donating to the museum, etc. We’ve got a guide on what to do during the ACNH endgame that’ll open your eyes as to how endless this Switch game really is. Even after you complete all of the defined goals, there’s nothing stopping you from returning to continue beautifying your island and hanging with friends.

Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons have an ending?

  • The credits will roll once you improve your island enough to have K.K. Slider perform a concert.
  • That’s by no means the end, however, as you can revisit your island and utilize the new Island Designer NookPhone app.
  • For a full list of the many endgame tasks, check out our dedicated guide.