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Apex Legends 1.39 Update Patch Notes

The introduction of Season 5 might’ve brought loads of exciting new content to EA and Respawn’s Apex Legends, but it also brought a few new errors. Some couldn’t download the update, others found that characters were locked, while everybody lamented the shoddy hit detection. Thankfully, at least the latter has been fixed in the May 21 Apex Legends update (today). Stick with us for the Apex Legends 1.39 update patch notes on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Apex Legends 1.39 update changes

Apex Legends 1.39 update patch notes

It appears that today’s update is a smaller hotfix of sorts, so you shouldn’t necessarily expect to see full-fledged Apex Legends 1.39 update patch notes. As previously mentioned, however, we do know that hit detection has been addressed. The news was confirmed by Respawn Entertainment Producer Josh Medina over on Twitter.

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Medina thanked colleague and Respawn Entertainment Engineer Samy Duc for “busting his ass to fix hit reg.” It’s likely that the main aim of Apex Legends patch 1.39 was to quickly address this issue, which understandably caused quite a stir. The battle royale game’s Reddit community was up in arms over the dropped shots issue, compiling many damning examples and calling on developers to fix it ASAP.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the team at Respawn to react. The urgency was definitely called for, as the competitive shooter demands a level of precision that just wasn’t there in Season 5 prior to this new update.

Just in case the developers do decide to publish a full list of Apex Legends 1.39 update patch notes, keep an eye on the official game updates page. We’d wager it isn’t all that likely to happen, though, as it does appear that the Apex patch today was just a quick fix for the hit registration issues across all platforms.