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Where to find Strangler Blooms in Fallout 76

Stranger Blooms are one of the rarest and most valuable consumable items in Fallout 76. These little glowing flowers are used to craft RadShield, which provides a whopping +300 Radiation resistance for 15 minutes. However, knowing where to find Strangler Blooms is only half the battle, as they don’t always appear when or where you may expect.

Fallout 76 | Where to find Strangler Blooms

fallout 76 strangler blooms location where to find

Strangler Blooms in Fallout 76 are typically found near the river bank behind Dyer Chemical. They grow both on and around trees, and can be identified by their signature glowing flowers. You’re guaranteed to find Strangler Blooms during the side quest called An Organic Solution.

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There is a fair amount of disagreement about what causes Stranger Blooms to appear. Many times players have sought them out only to find Strangler Pods, which will eventually grow into the blooms. However, it doesn’t seem like anything the player can do themselves will cause them to spawn. Many choose to server hop in the chance of finding a patch, but that doesn’t always work. So far, the only guaranteed way to find them is during specific quests or events.

For most players, these can be found during An Organic Solution. The quest involves spreading fertilizer around the river near Dyer Chemical in an effort to get the pods to bloom. After the fertilizer has been spread, near the end of the quest, several Strangler Blooms will spawn. By all accounts, they continue to spawn after the quest has concluded, but individual accounts vary.

It’s also possible to find bloomed pods during specific in-game events, particularly Heart of the Swamp. However, neither the aforementioned event nor the side quest are easy to farm. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why it’s so hard to craft RadShield, and why it’s so valuable.

If you want to find Stranger Blooms in Fallout 76, your best bet is to head to the river near Dyer Chemical at night. With any luck, you’ll be able to spot them glowing on tree trunks or near tree roots.