When is the Steam Summer Sale 2020?

Valve’s popular video game distribution service Steam is gearing up for another major sale. The Steam Summer Sale is among the company’s largest annual sales events, and now that summer is right around the corner, gamers are gearing up for savings. When is the Steam Summer Sale 2020, and how long does it last? Read on to find out to discover the Steam Summer Sale 2020 start and end dates.

When is the Steam Summer Sale 2020?

when is steam summer sale 2020 start end date

The Steam Summer Sale for 2020 will begin on June 25 and end on July 9. Like other Steam sales events from previous years, the Steam Summer Sale 2020 will offer discounts on a huge variety of games for a total of two weeks.

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The Steam Summer Sale 2020 start and end dates were provided by Pavel Djundik of SteamDB. While Valve hasn’t yet confirmed these dates, general consensus among the industry is that they’re accurate. Toward that point, they’re also identical to the Summer Sale dates for 2019. Plus, leaked details about sale dates have been commonplace for the past few years, and the dates have typically been spot-on.

Steam hosts several major sales each year, but the Summer Sale is often considered the big one. It gives PC fans two weeks to scoop up new games and discounts a frankly massive amount of software. Many games get their prices slashed by up to 90 percent, and even major new releases tend to go on sale at discounted prices.

Of course, there’s no word yet on which specific games will be discounted. However, if you’re looking to buy some new games, it’s worth adding titles you’re interested in to your Steam wishlist. If you do, you’ll be notified of which titles are discounted when the Summer Sale 2020 begins. You’ll also be able to visit your wishlist and sort the items by the discount amount so that you can make the most out of your money.

There’s not much of a wait left. The Steam Summer Sale 2020 is slated to begin on June 25 and run all the way through July 9. That gives you two full weeks to grab new games — or, more honestly, to expand your ever-growing backlog.