Are there LoL: Wild Rift microtransactions?

Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift is set to bring the world’s most popular MOBA to mobile for the first time. It’ll be arriving on iOS and Android soon, with currently unspecified console platforms to follow at a later date. Since we already know that the game will be available free of charge, will it be financially supported by MTX? Stick with this LoL: Wild Rift microtransactions guide to learn more.

Does League of Legends: Wild Rift have microtransactions?

LoL: Wild Rift microtransactions

Much like the established League of Legends PC version, LoL: Wild Rift for mobile and consoles will be a free download supported by microtransactions. Riot has already specified that any premium purchases will strictly relate to cosmetic items or be earnable in-game, however. This will serve to preserve game balance and is the norm across a majority of popular free games.

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The phrase “always free-to-play, never pay-to-win” appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift marketing material, so it doesn’t look like the developer’s stance is set to change. While playable champions will be available to purchase, they’re all unlockable in-game through gameplay. Once again, the only exclusive premium content is cosmetic in nature.

If you’re an existing PC LoL player, the one catch is that your existing characters and skins aren’t transferrable. The launch of Wild Rift will represent a fresh start for everybody, whether you’re a League veteran or a total newbie. This is in an effort to ensure parity, and also likely to help lower the intimidating barrier to entry.

To further that cause, Wild Rift introduces a new 5v5 map in an effort to expedite matches. This way, mobile and console players don’t need to spend as long tied to their devices and can instead drop in and out of LoL at their leisure.