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The Last of Us 2 Save Progress Warning | Manually save before continuing?

After you’ve enjoyed your first big session of The Last of Us 2, you will likely make use of the game’s autosave function, which keeps track of where you’re up to so you don’t need to manually save. Unfortunately, this can lead to some confusion when loading The Last of Us Part 2 back up. The game gives you asks you “Would you like to manually save before continuing?” which can be a confusing message. Here’s what you need to press when this The Last of Us 2 “Save Progress” warning appears.

Should I manually save before continuing in The Last of Us 2?

The Last of Us 2 Save Progress Warning

If selecting a manual save instead of loading the autosave, The Last of Us 2 will ask you the following question:

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Save Progress

Your current progress is saved in an autosave slot. This slot with be overridden if you switch saves

Would you like to manually save before continuing

Simply put, this means that by loading a manual save you will lose your autosave. If you’re fine with that, then you can hit “No.” If you want to keep the autosave, turning it into a manual save, hit “Yes” and choose a slot for it.

Though it might be confusing, the message is actually a nice feature that developer Naughty Dog has included. It adds a confirmation step which might help some players avoid overwriting saves that they actually wanted to keep.

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