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Does this person die in The Last of Us 2?

You meet Jesse early on in The Last of Us 2 before Ellie and Dina leave Jackson to go on patrol. Jesse and Dina have recently broken up, but that doesn’t keep him from being a good friend to both she and Ellie. With how tragic the game is, you’re probably wondering whether or not Jesse dies in The Last of Us 2. Well, we’ve got the spoiler-filled answer for you below.

Does Jesse die in The Last of Us 2?

Jesse travels to Seattle and joins Ellie in her fight for revenge. However, he eventually decides that Dina is too sick for them to stay in Seattle. Ellie decides to keep pushing towards Abby, and he leaves her to return to the theater hideout.

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Ellie eventually reaches the aquarium that Abby is suspected to be hiding in, but doesn’t find her. She returns to the theater and prepares to make the trek back to Jackson with Jesse and Dina. Unfortunately, Abby is hot on her tail after finding her friends dead at the aquarium.

Ellie and Jesse are talking on the theater stage when they hear Abby struggling with Tommy. The two rush out to assist their friend, and as soon as they enter the lobby area, Abby shoots Jesse in the head.

The Last of Us 2 Jesse dead

The bullet enters through Jesse’s cheek, so it appears that it may be a survivable wound at first glance. However, the amount of blood that pools around him when he collapses indicates the bullet must have hit an artery. Additionally, he becomes immediately unresponsive, making it seem like the bullet must have passed through his brain or brain stem.

Given that Jesse’s survival is not mentioned at any time later in the game, it can be assumed that he was killed with almost 100% certainty. His death is an event that further cements Ellie’s quest for revenge and leads her to pursue Abby to Santa Barbara.

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