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Apex Legends Graffiti Mod Hop-Up | Spitfire Paintball Attachment details

One of Apex Legends‘ best guns looks set to become even more powerful very soon. The Spitfire LMG appears to be getting a new Attachment that’ll transform it into a paintball gun. Not only that, but the Apex Legends Graffiti Mod Hop-Up will also offer improved ammo capacity and reload speed. Stick with us for the specifics, along with when it might be added to EA‘s battle royale game.

Apex Legends Graffiti Mod Hop-Up | New Spitfire Attachment details

Apex Legends Graffiti Mod Hop-Up

The most recent Apex Legends patch leaked the existence of a new “Graffiti Mod” that’s compatible with the M600 Spitfire. According to data miner @shrugtal, the Attachment offers a 15% increase in magazine capacity and a 25% reduction in reload time. In addition, switching fire modes will also “switch the paintball colors it fires.” It sounds like the Spitfire paintball gun will be both fun and deadly to wield, and, if Shrugtal is correct, it might be introduced in the next update.

As you can see from the above tweet, the in-game Apex Legends Graffiti Mod description reads as follows: “Increased magazine capacity and reloads. Paint-loaded rounds.”

The new Attachment is currently missing some required files to function properly, though Respawn Entertainment could be implementing them soon. When approached by a “confused” Apex fan on Twitter, Shrugtal indicated that the Graffiti Mod relates to “Season 6 teaser stuff.” More specifically, the “R” featured on the Hop-Up could have some relation to Rampart.

Rumors have been swirling that Rampart will be added in Season 6. If Rampart is set to become the newest playable Legend in the Apex Games, this could be a significant teaser. There’s also evidence to suggest that either Nova or Ash could be joining the battle royale game beforehand, however. Only time will tell, so be sure to stick with us for all the latest Apex Legends info.