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Is there a Mortal Shell PS4 and Xbox One beta?

Mortal Shell is currently in beta on PC, with the closed demo having now been opened up to everyone. Getting your hands on the challenging RPG is as simple as downloading the preview build from the Epic Games Store on computers, but what about consoles? Is there a Mortal Shell PS4 and Xbox One beta? Stick around to learn if the upcoming Soulslike will be playable on Xbox and PlayStation 4 ahead of its launch.

Is there a Mortal Shell PS4 beta?

Mortal Shell PS4 beta

Unfortunately, developer Cold Symmetry has no plans to release a Mortal Shell PS4 beta. With the game scheduled to release at some stage this quarter (Q3 2020), it’s unlikely that PlayStation 4 gamers will get to play a Mortal Shell demo before launch.

Confirmation came from Twitter, where the official Mortal Shell account (@MortalShellGame) stated that the dev team just doesn’t “have the manpower.” The tweet goes on to explain that there’s “a lot more work with console demos” and Cold Symmetry is a “small team.”

The social media post also empathetically points out that the devs “understand if [console players] want to wait for reviews” as a result of not being able to try the game out for themselves.

Is there a Mortal Shell Xbox One beta?

Mortal Shell Xbox One beta

There will be no Mortal Shell Xbox One beta. If you want to play the tough-as-nails RPG in pre-release form, the only way to do so is on PC via the Epic Games Store.

As covered above, the game’s developers tweeted that they just aren’t capable of releasing a Mortal Shell console beta. The amount of work required to do so isn’t realistic for the small team at Cold Symmetry.

Still interested in picking up the final game? You might be wondering whether it’ll launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam, or maybe even PS5 and Xbox Series X.