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Ghost of Tsushima ‘Hostages Were Killed’ | How to stop hostage from dying

The Ghost of Tsushima “Hostages Were Killed” message can be extremely frustrating to see. As soon as enemies are alerted to Jin’s presence, they’ll begin to execute hostages. It can be a major pain to deal with, especially when there are multiple hostages to free in a large area populated with lots of Mongol warriors. Thankfully, we have some tips to help you avoid that “Hostages Were Killed” message. Here’s our guide on how to stop hostages from dying in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to stop hostages from dying in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima 'Hostages Were Killed'

There are a number of ways to stop hostages from dying in Ghost of Tsushima.

Stay undetected.

If you are good at being stealthy, you can try to take out all of the Mongol warriors through assassinations and striking from the shadows. This will stop hostages from dying.

Stay close to the hostage when fighting.

By remaining close to the hostage, you attract the attention of enemies that might otherwise try to execute the hostage.

Interrupt hostage executions with a long-range attack.

Use your bow, kunai, or other long-range attacks to interrupt the execution animation. A quick shot from your bow will cause the enemy to pause. You can then rush to save the hostage from death and avoid that mission failure.

Hostage missions are one of Ghost of Tsushima‘s more difficult mission types. What sucks is that it’s not down to how you perform in battle, but more about how attentive you are to the hostages you’re trying to protect.

On the bright side, once a hostage mission has been completed, you will at least be given a good reward. Now you can improve your skills to help with even more hostage missions!

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