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How to get more Silk in Ghost of Tsushima

If you’re looking to level up your Ghost of Tsushima armor to the highest tier, you’ll likely be in need of some Silk. This resource is very rare and you’ll need complete specific side missions to earn some. Thankfully, we know the Silk locations. Here’s our guide on how to get more Silk in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Silk Locations

How to get more Silk in Ghost of Tsushima

To get more Silk in Ghost of Tsushima you need to focus on side missions that offer Silk as a reward.

You can view the rewards that each side mission gives you in the game’s menu. Simply hover over a mission to view what rewards it will provide.

If you plan to complete all character side missions as you unlock them, you will earn Silk at the fastest rate. There isn’t a way to farm Silk from the open world, so you’re going to have to stick to these missions if you want to level up your armor to the maximum.

Side missions are the only Ghost of Tsushima Silk locations. Like Leather and Linen, you can’t get Silk anywhere else, which makes it one of the rarest resources in the game.

As it’s very rare, you’ll want to invest your Silk wisely, upgrading equipment that you know you’re going to get a lot of use out of. Don’t just spend it for the sake of using it up!

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