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Can you save *this character* in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima‘s main missions take you down an emotional journey filled with death and destruction. When the story is done, Jin will have a lot of blood on his hands. However, there is one character death in particular that is likely to stick with the player. Read on for our spoiler-filled guide on whether or not you can save this key Ghost of Tsushima character.

Can you save Taka in Ghost of Tsushima?

Can you save Taka in Ghost of Tsushima

Unfortunately, Taka has to die in Ghost of Tsushima. No matter what you do during the mission, Taka ends up being killed by Khotun Khan.

The death of Taka is particularly gruesome, with the blacksmith-turned-apprentice being killed while trying to save Jin. Taka’s attempt to strike down the Khan is easily countered by the towering big bad, who blocks the attack and swiftly beheads Taka. Khotun Khan then holds up Taka’s head for Jin to see.

Moments later, with Jin free, Yuna is devastated to find her brother, Taka, lying dead on the floor. He followed Jin with the hopes of being helpful and learning the way of the warrior, but ultimately it cost him his life.

Sadly, there is no alternate path to completing this mission. You can’t struggle free of your binds any quicker, so it’s impossible to prevent what the Khan does.

You can, however, continue the story with the hopes of avenging Taka by taking down Khotun Khan and ridding Tsushima of Mongol invaders. Keep fighting as though Taka was there at your side!

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