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Ghost of Tsushima Post-Game | What to do after you beat it

Getting to the Ghost of Tsushima post-game requires that you complete the main story. After you’ve wrapped that up, you’re free to move about the island. Read on for the full details on what to do after beating the story in Ghost of Tsushima.

What is the Ghost of Tsushima post-game?

Ghost of Tsushima Post-Game

After you’ve beaten Ghost of Tsushima‘s story, it’s time to rid Tsushima of Mongols in the endgame.

Ghost of Tsushima‘s endgame consists of many different side missions and collectible hunting that you may have ignored during the main campaign. Now that the story has been beaten, you’re free to chase down the many Side Tales, track down any missions collectibles, and rid the island of Mongol strongholds.

It’s easy to see how much progress you’re making in the Ghost of Tsushima endgame, as you can view the map for remaining Mongol strongholds and view the Collection for a detailed list of collectibles.

You’ll also want to continue to level up Jin by showing your prowess in battle, both in honorable combat and through assassinations. This will give you Legend rank a boost and help you learn new techniques and make them more powerful. As you enhance your moves, you’ll become more efficient in battle, meaning you’ll be able to quickly take out multiple enemies with relative ease.

Also, if you’re into your PlayStation Trophies, you’ll want to look at the game’s Trophy page to hunt down any that you don’t yet have. Collect all of the Trophies to unlock the Ghost of Tsushima Platinum Trophy, which isn’t too difficult to achieve as there isn’t a difficulty Trophy (so no need to play on Hard mode!).

If you haven’t yet tracked down every Haiku location, definitely check out our custom maps which will help you complete them all. What’s more, if you’re yet to complete all Bamboo Strike challenges, then this guide will help you.