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Tales of Xillia 2 Cat Locations

Cat Locations (Originally posted by Syrina Inavi on GameFAQs)



DungeonCat NameLocation
Helioborg Research StationNarcissus13F in the laboratory
Helioborg Research StationBrownieCat dispatch
Agent Training FacilityBorisAt the beach in a hole (KS28)
Kijara SeafallsLuccaFourth area, south plateau, next to treasure chest
Kijara SeafallsBilboCat dispatch
Nia Khera HallowmontSpartanOn top of Hallowmont
Sapstrath DeepwoodMoonNorth region where people stand
Sapstrath DeepwoodChi ChiSouth region on a ledge (KS07)
Bermia GorgeNanoCat dispatch
Bermia GorgeSalmonCat dispatch
Bermia GorgeTakaNorthwest region, highest point on the left of the map (KS08)
Fort GandalaLazyControl room
Fort GandalaSmacksCat dispatch
Tatalian AbyssPepples1F in the middle of the map, next to a tree
Tatalian AbyssTorcheB3F on the east cliffs (KS09)
Dimension BreachSwagmoNorth part of the map by trees
Labari HollowSetsunaBottom area in a box
Labari HollowMaoAt the second level, Southern complex with 4 rooms (KS14)
Fezebel MarshNoelEnter from Arklund Quag; First map where you jump the second time down; Next to it is a huge leaf (KS25)
Felgana MineMelvinThird area; there are a few boxes before you enter the tunnels
Felgana MineCroquetteThird area, next to the save point (KS19)
Land of CanaanFauntleroyWhen you enter Canaan, you can find him next to the save point
Land of CanaanHiroCat dispatch
Nala Lava TubesScratchyFourth area, in the first room on the right side
Nala Lava TubesPetuniaCat dispatch
Kukhar Ice CavernsEmilThird area, east flower patch
Old Vicalle MineWhiskeyFirst area, southwest, where you need to jump down, on the right side



FieldCat NameLocation
Alest HighroadRubyEnter from Triglpeh, first map on southwest wall (KS02)
Torbalan HighroadTiltonThird area, in middle of the right part
Aladhi TrailFilbertWest area, behind upper left stone, next to a few trees
Galia TrailNukeSecond area, on the southern wall
Nia Khera SpiritwayNorseFirst area, on the southern ledge
Xagut FloodmeadowPrickly PeteSecond area, enter the hole to get him (KS04)
Sapstrath HighroadMeowciferThird area, enter the northern hole (KS10)
Culmar TrailMichaelSoutheast
Culmar TrailLil ScrappyNorthwest, enter the hole (KS06)
Talys HighroadNatalinaWest region, in the middle of the map on a ledge (KS11)
Rusalle HighroadKekeFirst area, near trees
Rusalle HighroadKeishaSecond area, enter a hole on the right wall
Lakutam HighroadSir Meows-a-lotSecond area, northwest hole
Lakutam HighroadKittypantsCat dispatch
Royal Hunting GroundWasabiThird area, go directly up to reach some trees
Moon HighlandsZexyzSecond area, eastern hole
Moon HighlandsHolmesSilent cave, northwest of the pillar (KS15)
Moon HighlandsTomtiCat dispatch
Xailen WoodsPrincess PurryNortheast next to the huge stone
Sillea TundraStumblesNorth area, next to a tree (KS16)
Tulea TundraDasherSouth area; northeast of save point, next to treasure chest (KS17)
Barnauer HighroadCannonSouthwestern map, enter the hole to the north (KS23)
Barnauer HighroadLucyEnter from Fennmont, in the middle of the map
Arklund QuagCarolinaSecond area, north of the lake (KS27)
Arklund QuagDeltreseCat dispatch
Catamar HeightsNellyThird area, northern plateau (KS21)
Voltea WoodsMontySecond area, enter a hole in the southeast (KS18)



TownCat NameLocation
TriglephMalik1F apartment hall (side quest needed)
TriglephCarolIn front of apartment
TriglephSuzuTrain station, behind the reception (KS03)
TriglephWinnieCat dispatch
TriglephEthosCat dispatch
DuvalLukeGo up the stairs near the quest board (KS01)
DuvalCatstantine the ThirdBar alley (side quest needed)
DuvalYorkCat dispatch
MarksburgLithiaAccessory shop counter
MarksburgThomasSouthern stairs of Elympios seahaven
MarksburgZagiCat dispatch
MarksburgSasukeCat dispatch
HamilSchrodinger2nd area, on the first Naple tree, climb up the ladder
HamilSharilCat dispatch
Nia KheraBadger2nd house from the left
Nia KheraTriggerCat dispatch
Milla's ShrineShortyAt the altar
ShariltonNonyaInn, on the left side of the reception next to a brattice
ShariltonYuniDriselle's manor, on a chair (KS05)
ShariltonSparklesCat dispatch
Xian DuFlakeyNorthwestern dock; next to a dog
Xian DuHarryInside Isla's house, use the southeast elevator to reach her
Xian DuKyoColliseum, behind reception, on top of the stairs (KS12)
KanbalarClaire2nd area, inside the house on the left
KanbalarBreezyRoof by Gaius' castle; Enter through Xailen Woods Temples northern exit to arrive at the roofs (KS13)
KanbalarCorganIn front of Gaius castle, next to a cage with a wyvern
KanbalarEulerCat dispatch
Xailen Woods TempleWoodrowInside the temple on a bench
Xailen Woods TempleGuyCat dispatch
FennmondSuzukiShopping building, between accessory and armor vendors
FennmondWilyInn, at the bar counter on a chair (KS24)
FennmondKahmariAt the seahaven on the right side
FennmondGazpachoCat dispatch
DrellinEnyaNext to inn entrance
DrellinTartarosInn; counter (KS22)
DrellinIvanCat dispatch
LerondeStalloneSeahaven, north area by the fence
LerondeRockyAt the Inn, when you go upstairs, inside the first room (KS20)
Aladhi SeahavenLotusInside the inn, left of door
Sapstrath SeahavenTartBarrels between weapon vendor and departure NPC
Lakutam SeahavenLiccaBox at the armor vendor
Spirius CorporationTiggy20F, office on a chair
Spirius CorporationPatches40F, on a bench
Orda PalaceKeele3F north room, on a chair
Orda PalaceIrisCat dispatch
Laforte Research CenterNanalyFirst area in upper lab (KS26)