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Halo Infinite Double XP | How to get 2XP

Halo Infinite recently debuted gameplay footage and looks to be a blast, if a little visually underwhelming. While we’ve had a look at the traditional campaign, online multiplayer is arguably the real meat of any Halo title. If you want to level up faster than your friends, then here’s how to take advantage of the Halo Infinite double XP promotion. Stick with us to find out how to get 2XP in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Double XP | How to get 2XP with Monster Energy

Halo Infinite double XP

To get double XP in Halo Infinite, you’ll need to purchase promotional cans of Monster Energy. These Halo Infinite branded drinks allow purchasers to visit the Monster Energy website and unlock 2XP using their receipts.

The Halo Infinite x Monster Energy 2XP promotion details read as follows:

“Unlock 2XP with Monster Energy

Save your receipt and visit for details”

Unfortunately, the Monster Energy website hasn’t yet been updated to share these details, despite the promotional cans already being up for sale. @HaloCollector on Twitter shared an image of a Halo Infinite Monster Energy drink that was posted to Facebook by one Derick Hunter.

Since the website hasn’t been updated, we don’t yet know the exact details surrounding how 2XP will work. Presumably, players will gain twice the experience points for a limited length of time. In the past, Call of Duty has granted players an hour of double experience through similar Monster Energy promotions.

Whether Halo Infinite will also offer 60 minutes remains to be seen. Regardless, you should hold onto the receipts for any promotional cans of Halo Monster Energy you buy until the full details of the offer become apparent.

Halo Infinite 2XP | How to get double experience points

  • Purchase a promotional can of Halo Infinite Monster Energy.
  •  Keep your receipt and visit the Monster Energy website to redeem the offer.
    • Note: The site hasn’t been updated with redemption instructions just yet.

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