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Destroy All Humans Remake 2020 Cheats | Does the remaster have cheat codes?

Destroy All Humans Remake is a faithful modern conversion of the 2005 cult classic. One of the highlights of the original game was inputting a variety of cheat codes and causing havoc across 1950s America. Do they carry over to the remaster, though? Here’s everything you need to know about Destroy All Humans Remake 2020 cheats on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Destroy All Humans Remake 2020 Cheats | Does the remaster have cheat codes?

Destroy All Humans Remake 2020 Cheats

The developers haven’t announced any Destroy All Humans Remake (2020) cheats. We can confirm that entering the old cheat codes into the new game does not work, and no in-game cheat menu has been added. Unless there are all-new codes to be discovered (which is possible), unfortunately, it appears that there are no Destroy All Humans Remake cheats for the time being.

While it might not be the news that you wanted to read, DAH Remake isn’t a particularly difficult title to begin with. If you were hoping that activating cheat codes would make the game mindless fun, it’s most definitely already that by design. Combat encounters don’t take a great deal of strategy, and earning DNA to upgrade protagonist Crypto-137’s abilities is no hardship.

Destroy All Humans Remake 2020 Cheats | Does the DAH remaster have cheat codes?

  • Original cheat codes do not work in the new Destroy All Humans.
  • There are no unlockable cheats in-game.
  • Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic haven’t announced any new cheat codes.
  • Players haven’t discovered any all-new secret cheat codes.

While there are no cheats, it’s possible to access the DAH Remake debug mode on PC and achieve similar results. Though console players with the PS4 and Xbox One versions are out of luck, those on PC can activate a variety of DAH 2020 cheats by following this guide.

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