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Is there a Rogue Company PvE mode release date?

Is there a Rogue Company PvE mode release date? After recent leaks indicating that Rogue Company co-op play could be coming, this question is hot on players’ minds. Stick around as we discuss the datamined Rogue Company “Extraction co-op” and PvE mode game files.

Is there a Rogue Company PvE mode release date?

Rogue Company PvE mode release date

Hi-Rez Studios hasn’t officially announced Rogue Company co-op play at the time of writing. That means there’s currently no Rogue Company PvE mode release date. Despite this, leaked game files seem to indicate that cooperative PvE modes may currently be in the works.

Discovered and shared by @RogueHQnet on Twitter, “Extraction co-op” and “PvE” files can be seen in the list of Rogue Company game modes. Both indicate that payers may be able to cooperate against enemy A.I. in the future, which could be a welcome break from the intensity of competitive multiplayer.

The same tweet also highlights a potential battle royale mode. As we warned on that occasion, it’s worth keeping your expectations in check as the presence of game files doesn’t always guarantee their implementation. Basically, although Hi-Rez is at the very least experimenting with co-op behind the scenes, it may never be publically available.

If it does see the light of day, it could still be a long way off considering that Rogue Company is in early access. We don’t even know when the game’s full free-to-play launch is planned for.

Is there a Rogue Company co-op release date?

  • Leaked files could indicate that Rogue Company co-op and PvE game modes are coming.
  • As is the nature of datamined leaks, these files could also amount to nothing — Hi-Rez might never publically release the modes.
  • No official statement has been made regarding the Rogue Company PvE content, including a release date.

Stay tuned for updates on the potential Rogue Company co-op and PvE game modes. We’ll have plenty more details on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch tactical shooter in the future.