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Fall Guys Matchmaking Down for Maintenance explained

The Fall Guys Matchmaking Down for Maintenance message is going to throw off some people who just want to earn some Crowns. But it looks like you’re going to have to wait to fall into a pit and “die” over and over. So when will the Fall Guys matchmaking be back up for PS4 and PC?

When is Fall Guys matchmaking back up?

Fall Guys Matchmaking Down for Maintenance explained

If you have played Fall Guys recently on either PS4 or PC, you likely saw this message as you were trying to load into a match:

“Matchmaking Down for Maintenance: The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance whilst we add more capacity, please check back at 22:30 UTC or 15:30 PDT for updates.”

Mediatonic has taken the game offline to deal with the many issues the game is having during its busy launch. It then tweeted as much, stating it would rather switch off, scale up, and then optimize. The tweet also said the studio will give an update in two hours.

So when will the matchmaking be back or when will Mediatonic give an update? Here’s about when to check back in:

  • 10:30 PM UTC
  • 3:30 PM PDT
  • 4:30 PM MDT
  • 5:30 PM CDT
  • 6:30 PM EDT
  • 11:30 PM BST
  • 8:30 AM AEST

It’s not certain that the game will be back or playable online by then. Developer Mediatonic is just promising an update at that time so don’t get your hopes up, especially as the game’s servers has been getting hammered since it came out earlier this morning. So be sure to check back in at that time and hopefully the game will be working as intended and not erroring out or causing other headaches for players and streamers alike. If not, then everyone will have to wait even longer to play one of the weirdest battle royale games to come out so far.