Bayonetta 2 Gold LP Locations

Gold LP Locations

Just like the first game, Bayonetta 2 features Angelic Hymn Gold LPs to collect and give to Rodin at the Gates of Hell. Doing so unlocks new weapons and items, so it's worth it to keep an eye out for the LPs during an initial playthrough.

Listed below are locations for all the Gold LPs. Some of them are broken up, so also look for individual pieces.

Entrance of the Gladiators LP
  • Chapter: #1, Noatun, the City of Genesis
  • Verse: 6
  • Unlocks: Rakshasa weapon

William Tell Overture LP
  • Chapter: #2, A Remembrance of Time
  • Verse: 5
  • Unlocks: Kafka weapon

Der Holle Rache LP
  • Chapter: #4, The Two Meet
  • Verses: 1, 6
  • Unlocks: Undine weapon

Erlkonig LP
  • Chapter: #5, The Catherdral of Cascades
  • Verses: The beginning of the chapter, 4
  • Unlocks: Chernobog weapon

The Harmonious Blacksmith LP
  • Chapter: #8, An Ancient Civilization (First two pieces)
  • Verses: 5, 9
  • Chapter: #9 (Third piece)
  • Verse: 4
  • Unlocks: Takemikazuchi weapon

Matthaus-Passion O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden LP
  • Chapter: #10, The Depths
  • Verses: 3, 7, 8
  • Unlocks: Salamandra weapon

Super Mario 64 LP
  • Note: First you have to beat the entire game on 3rd Climax difficulty to unlock the LP.
  • Chapter: #9, The Gates to Hell
  • Verse: 4
  • Unlocks: Chain Chomp weapon

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