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Rogue Company Queued for Login Error | Why am I stuck on logging in screen?

The Rogue Company Queued for Login error is forcing players to remain stuck on the login screen on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with the team-based shooter informing players that they’re logging in for an indefinite period of time. Rogue Company tells players that “you are currently in line to log in,” despite it failing to load them into the game.

Is there a Rogue Company stuck on Queued for Login fix?

The Queued for Login screen in Rogue Company fails to send players to a game due to server issues. HiRez Studios’ shooter has recently moved from closed beta to open beta, meaning that there are more people playing it than usual, leading to server-side issues that the developer is trying to overcome.

As such, the login screen error is unfortunately not able to be avoided, if you find yourself coming up against it. The HiRez operations official Twitter account has noted that the company is “limiting logins” for the game as they investigate issues with its services, meaning that a number of players won’t be able to access its matchmaking. Unfortunately, this means that players are being presented with error codes while these limited logins are being employed.

In order to avoid the Rogue Company Queued for Login error, players will need to wait it out until HiRez Studios address the server issues the game is currently experiencing. While players can wait to see if they will be among the limited logins, many are reporting that they are still left searching for a game if they do gain access to Rogue Company‘s lobby, so these online issues appear to be insurmountable at this time.

Hopefully, HiRez manages to iron out Rogue Company‘s teething issues, and the game will have much more stable servers when it eventually approaches its full release. For the time being, players will need to remain patient while HiRez resolves this issue.