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Phasmophobia Mods | Is there modding support?

Are there any Phasmophobia mods to download? The multiplayer ghost hunting game is hugely popular, and it doesn’t usually take long for big PC titles to get modding support. So, here’s the latest on official Phasmophobia mod support.

Are there Phasmophobia mods on PC?

Phasmophobia mods

Phasmophobia can be terrifying at times; mods could serve to either ramp up the jump scares or scale them back, catering to different players. Of course, there’s also great Phasmophobia meme potential in replacing the ghosts with silly characters (see the Resident Evil series). Does Phasmophobia allow mods, though?

Phasmophobia does not have mod support. A look at the development roadmap also reveals that Kinetic Games doesn’t plan to add official modding tools to Phasmophobia on PC in the near future, if ever. The roadmap should be somewhat fluid and evolve over time, however, so it is possible that official mods will become a reality in time. For now, it seems that mods just aren’t a priority.

One concern on this front is that, although Phasmophobia is playable solo, its focus on co-op multiplayer could cause problems for multiple parties. Teammates could have compatibility issues, and/or not appreciate any alterations made to Phasmophobia by mods. Additionally, any player venturing online with mods enabled could risk being identified as a hacker and getting banned.

In the absence of any official support, it’s possible that the community will step up with unofficial Phasmophobia third-party mods. Use caution if the time comes that these are available to download, however, as some modding files can contain malware. Should anyone choose to go ahead regardless, definitely don’t use them outside of a singleplayer setting.

If the crucifix isn’t working in Phasmophobia, users don’t need a mod to fix it. For more help with ghostly investigations, here’s how to use the Ouija board and whether footprints count for the fingerprint evidence objective.