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How to use Autodrive in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in a futuristic London where advanced technology has made life less private and free, but also a little easier. One convenient feature of the future is “Autodrive,” which allows cars to drive themselves to waypoints, sort of like Tesla vehicles can in real life today! Unfortunately, Autodrive can be a bit confusing to use and seems like it isn’t working properly. Here’s a guide on how to use Autodrive for all vehicles in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How does Autodrive work in Watch Dogs: Legion?

How to use Autodrive in Watch Dogs Legion

Helpfully, the controls for driving appear each time you enter a vehicle in Watch Dogs: Legion. To turn on Autodrive, players simply have to push “A” on Xbox or on PC with a controller, “X” on PS4 and PS5, or “Z” on PC. However, Autodrive only kicks in under certain circumstances.

To use Autodrive in Watch Dogs: Legion, it’s important for the vehicle to be moving at a relatively slow speed. Turning on Autodrive while moving too quickly will ignore the function until the car slows down. Autodrive is fairly limited in that it moves the car at a very slow speed. It can be helpful for when players want to get up and use the bathroom or get a drink, but otherwise Fast Travel is much quicker!

If Autodrive is confusing, then these “cheats” will help out in other frustrating parts of the game. The fast ETO tip is especially useful, enabling players to quickly earn in-game money.

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