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Watch Dogs: Legion Permadeath Achievement | Are there difficulty Trophies?

Completionists just starting the adventure in Watch Dogs: Legion will want to know if there are difficulty-specific Achievements or Trophies to work towards. So, is there a Watch Dogs: Legion Permadeath Achievement and/or Hard Mode Trophy to unlock? Here’s the need-to-know before starting the new Watch Dogs game on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Are there difficulty Trophies and Achievements for Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion Hard Mode Achievement Trophy

It’s frustrating to start a game and then realize that an unlockable is out of reach, all because a certain difficulty setting or mode wasn’t enabled from the start. While always opting for the most hardcore settings is one way to dodge that problem, sometimes it’s nice to be able to kick back with an easier experience. Since Watch Dogs: Legion is “tremendous fun,” did Ubisoft decide to give completionists a free pass?

Here’s whether there are difficulty Achievements and Trophies in Watch Dogs: Legion:

Is there a Permadeath Trophy or Achievement?

There is no Permadeath Achievement or Trophy in Watch Dogs: Legion. Permadeath makes Watch Dogs: Legion more challenging, though is not required to unlock any Trophies or Achievements on any platform.

Is there a Hard Mode Trophy or Achievement?

Watch Dogs: Legion does not feature a Hard Mode Achievement or Trophy. Selecting easier difficulty settings does not lock users out of attaining 100% completion. This is true whether players are hunting PlayStation Trophies, Xbox Achievements, Epic Games Store Achievements, or Uplay Achievements; there are no difficulty-based Achievements or Trophies in Watch Dogs: Legion on any platform.

If the lack of difficult Trophies and Achievements in Watch Dogs: Legion is enticing, find out whether the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass and also if it’s coming to Steam. Anybody planning to upgrade to the next-gen version will likely want to know if saves transfer, too.