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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to find City of London Photograph Evidence

The Watch Dogs Legion City of London Photograph Evidence is the most frustrating of these four Photographic Evidence side quests. Getting to the evidence to take a photo isn’t tough, but knowing how to find the entrance can be difficult. However, once the entrance is located, it’s an  easy quest to complete.

Taking the photo evidence in City of London in Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t require an agent with any particular skill. Unlike the other photograph evidence tasks, the object players need to take a picture of isn’t even located in a restricted area here.

How to photograph evidence in City of London in Watch Dogs: Legion 

Watch Dogs Legion City of London Photographic Evidence Entrance

When players arrive in the area marked on the map, the only obvious thing about the objective’s location is that it’s somewhere underground. There’s a hackable camera in the small room that allows a peek inside, but there’s no discernable entrance to be found.

City of London Photograph Evidence Location

The camera inside the small room gives players their first clue as to how the task must be accomplished. There’s no way for a Dedsec operative to get inside in person. The objective must be performed remotely.

To get the Photographic Evidence in City of London in Watch Dogs Legion you need a news drone. These relatively common fliers come with a built-in camera that can be used to complete this task.

At the southern side of the Cheesegrater building, there’s a vent that’s been busted. It’s easy to spot since it has been surrounded by construction barriers and cones. Players can use the news drone to fly through the hole and down into the room containing the objective. Once a picture has been taken of the blueprints, this task is complete.

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