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Watch Dogs: Legion Spy Location | Where to find Spy and Spy Car

Watch Dogs: Legion is a game about sleuthing around London and taking out bad guys, so players will inevitably want to recruit the Spy and their Spy car to increase their stealthiness. An unlockable Operative and and vehicle pays homage to James Bond and 007’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 — concealed missiles and all. Here’s how to find the Spy and Spy car with its Spy Car Cloak, including the location of them

How to recruit a Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion 

While recruiting a Spy Operative can be achieved by profiling random citizens until you stumble across a suited man or woman of mystery, it is much easier to recruit a Spy by knowing their exact location.

Spy Location

There are two ways to find the Spy in Watch Dogs: Legion:

  • Go to the MI5 building.
    • Fast travel to the London Underground station Vauxhall. A Spy typically spawns around the MI5 building located on this street.
  • Complete the ‘Like Clockwork’ borough mission.
    • This will be available after liberating the City of Westminster. A Spy will be added to your roster upon completion.

The Spy can also be found by profiling random NPCs around London, though unlocking one is guaranteed as a reward for beating the borough mission or traveling to the spawn near the MI5 building.

How to get the Spy car in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to get the invisible Spy Car in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s Spy Car is easily the coolest vehicle in the game. Not only is it sleek, silver, and inspired by an icon, but it also has some hidden features. The Spy Car can fire explosive rockets to quickly wreak havoc, plus turn invisible via the exclusive Spy Car Cloak ability. These abilities make the James Bond-inspired vehicle useful during missions, but, perhaps more importantly, a lot of fun to mess around with in free roam.

Spy Car and Cloak location

To unlock the Spy Car in Watch Dogs: Legion, players must recruit an Operative with the Spy occupation. Spies can be located by profiling random NPCs around London, traveling to the MI5 building, or beating the “Like Clockwork” borough mission. This will be available after liberating the City of Westminster.

After adding a Spy to the DedSec roster, switch to that character. One of their abilities is summoning the Spy Car, which will spawn nearby. To turn invisible, simply use the Spy Car Cloak ability.

Watch Dogs: Legion features convenient features like auto-drive and fast travel, but nothing beats driving the Spy Car manually. In a game that’s already “tremendous fun” thanks to its character switching mechanic, the Spy Car is just icing on the cake.

So, that’s how to get the invisible Spy Car in Watch Dogs: Legion covered. Why not check out how to unlock the Beekeeper and unleash swarms of bees on enemies next?