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Watch Dogs: Legion Hack or Access NHS Choice Guide

Watch Dogs: Legions doesn’t have many player choices, but when they do appear it can be tricky to work out which is the good choice and which is the bad decision. It’s not always clear what will happen after making each choice. In the case of the “Hack the NHS Servers” or “Access the NHS Database,” the differences are subtle. Here’s a guide on whether to choose Hack or Access for the NHS mission to get a medic recruit.

Should I hack the NHS Servers or access the NHS Database in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion Hack or Access NHS Choice

When players first attempt to recruit a medic character, they will refuse to talk. Instead, players will then have to check the background of the medic and investigate what they have been doing within the NHS. Players can choose to either Hack the NHS Servers or Access the NHS Database.

Choice 1: Hack the NHS Servers

Hacking the NHS Servers in Watch Dogs: Legion results in more deaths at the hand of the player character, and so could be considered the “bad choice.”

The end result is the same: it’s discovered that the medic is trying to help the NHS and protecting it from Mary Kelley thugs.

Choice 2: Access the NHS Database

Accessing the NHS Database in Watch Dogs: Legion can be done without alerting anyone, meaning no killing. That seems to be the “best choice.”

Ultimately, players end up discovering the medic is working to aid the NHS and the mission plays out in the same way.

Once players get to the Skye Larsen missions, there will be another big decision to make. This guide details both choices and the consequences of each. Be warned, there are spoilers!

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While recruiting this medic will unlock some cool healing perks, players will want to get the Prestige Operators to gain access to ridiculously powerful skills and weapons.