Does Nintendo Switch come with games included?

Purchasing a new games console can be expensive. Sometimes, consoles come with built-in digital games or physical copies as added value. This was the case with the popular Nintendo Wii pack-in game Wii Sports, but does Nintendo Switch come with games included? Here’s the need-to-know on whether or not Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite come with games installed.

Does Nintendo Switch come with games installed?

Does Nintendo Switch come with games included

Since the Nintendo Wii included Wii Sports — to huge success, no less — it seems reasonable to assume that the Switch would receive similar treatment. As a practice, built-in games still happen; PlayStation 5 hardware will include a pre-installed copy of Astro’s Playroom, for example. So, do the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite include pre-loaded games?

Those who buy a Nintendo Switch as part of a bundle will get games included. Different retailers offer different bundle package deals, allowing customers to purchase whichever best suits their needs. Included games can be physical, digital, or a mixture of both. Purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite bundle that includes games works in the same fashion.

Bought alone, the console will not have any games included. Some limited-edition Nintendo Switch models do come bundled with the game that they’re designed to promote (see the Animal Crossing: New Horizons console), though a standard Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite does not include games.

It’s worth noting that there are numerous free-to-play games on the Nintendo Switch platform. No games are bundled with or pre-installed on consoles as standard, but it is possible to visit the Nintendo eShop and download certain titles free of charge; Fortnite and many other popular games can be installed for free.

There’s now an exciting new way to play games on Nintendo Switch via cloud gaming. Revealed during a recent Nintendo Direct Mini, users are able to stream games including Control and Hitman 3Here’s how it works.