Yakuza: Like a Dragon | How to unlock Dragon Kart racing

Dragon Kart is one of the new minigames included with Yakuza: Like a Dragon and it’s one of the best to hit the Yakuza series so far.. This cart racer is like a game within a game and comes with its own storyline and sub-stories. However, Dragon Kart isn’t available from the start of the game. Instead, to take part in the Dragon Kart minigame, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, players will need to unlock it.

Unlocking Dragon Kart in Yakuza: Like a Dragon requires players to reach a particular part in the game and find its location. Players who are going mad from the grayed-out entry on the smartphone can read on below to find out how to make Ichiban the top cart racer in Japan.

How to unlock Dragon Kart in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza Like a Dragon dragon cart location

Players can race in Dragon Kart by speaking with Fujisawa in Hamakita Park. This park can be found in the northeast corner of Yokohama, and from Chapter 4 on, players can head to the Dragon Kart building there to start their racing journey.

Even though players can access Dragon Kart as early as Chapter 4, it can be a challenging journey to get to Hamakita Park at that point in the game. The enemies in Chinatown and the park itself are in the level 20-30 range, and they’ll make short work of Ichiban and his friends. However, an astute player can dodge these foes and run from any battles they’re forced into.

A good chunk of the Dragon Kart plot can be played through during Chapter 4. With the Grand Prix, there’s a rival race after each cup, and players should be able to get through the first three cups before they hit a roadblock. After that, players won’t get a chance to finish out the racing story until Chapter 15 rolls around. So, instead of tackling it all at once, racers might be better off waiting until they have a substantial amount of cash saved up so they can upgrade their cart.