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Bugsnax | How to catch a Red Banopper and Cobhopper

The Cobhopper and Banopper in Bugsnax are two variants of the same Bugsnak, with their own color variations such as the Red Banopper, too. These Bugsnax require an item to catch them, making them one of the more difficult creatures to hunt down in the early game.

Here’s how to catch the Cobhopper and Banopper in Bugsnax.

How to catch the Cobhopper in Bugsnax

bugsnax how to catch a cobhopper banopper

To catch the Cobhopper, you can use your Trip Shot. The Trip Shot can be found in Boiling Bay. The Cobhopper is located in Garden Grove. The Cobhopper jumps between trees, with you able to tell which tree it is hiding in due to it shaking. Here’s how to catch it:

  1. Deploy the Trip Shot on a rock near the trees.
    • The wire needs to stretch between two trees that the Cobhopper is bouncing between.
  2. Fire the Trip Shot wire to another nearby rock.
    • The wire needs to interfere with the Cobhopper’s path, so ensure that you’ve located which trees it’s bouncing to.
  3. Wait for the Cobhopper to hit the Trip Shot wire.
    • When the Cobhopper hits the wire, you’ll be able to catch them.

The Cobhopper can be caught easily once you’ve acquired the Trip Shot, so you’ll need to return to Garden Grove in order to catch it once you’ve got your hands on the piece of equipment.

How to catch Red Banopper in Bugsnax

bugsnax how to catch red banopper

The Red Banopper will need to be caught for the Floofty mission ‘Get Hopping!’ in Boiling Bay, where she will ask you to feed her one of the bouncing Bugsnax. To do so, you’ll be given the Trip Shot. Here’s how to catch the Red Banopper.

  1. Deploy the Trip Shot near the trees.
    • The Trip Shot’s wire will need to stretch to cross the direction of the Red Banopper’s path.
  2. Shoot the wire across the Red Banopper’s path.
    • Wooden beams sticking out from the sand will help you.
  3. Wait for the Red Banopper to hit the Trip Shot wire.
    • After doing so, you will be able to catch it.

After catching the Red Banopper, return to Floofty and feed it to her to complete the mission.

How to catch the Banopper in Bugsnax

bugsnax how to catch banopper normal

The Banopper is unusual in that its normal form is seen after its colored variant. Unlike the Red Banopper, the normal Banopper requires you to force another Bugsnak to explode before you can scan it and catch it. The Banopper’s location is in Frosted Peak.

  1. Set the Scoopy Banoopy on fire.
    • Guide the Bugsnak to the nearby campfire or have it collide with the Stewder on the hill.
  2. Wait for it to explode.
    • The Bugsnak will explode into several different Bugsnax, including the Banopper.
  3. Set up the Trip Shot across the trees.
    • Two Banoppers will bounce between the nearby trees, with them activating the Trip Shot wire once hitting it.
  4. Wait for the Banopper to hit the Trip Shot wire.
    • Once it has done so, you will be able to catch it.

After following all of the above steps, you will have successfully located and caught the Cobhopper, Banopper, and Red Banopper. To find out all the locations in the game containing, check out its full map. While the Banoppers don’t quite fly, you can also learn how to catch the pesky flying Bugsnax right here.